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Based in Tehran, Iran. The HSE began his motion in 2006 with a novel
mission – to design & development of unmanned systems- highly reliable
licensed and user friendly. HSE is the Iran's leading company of unmanned
aerial vehicles (UAV) and micro aerial vehicles (MAV) and avionics for
them. We have enjoyed strong and steady growth by delivering innovative
unmanned vehicle & systems. Also we serve a variety of clients in
numerous markets around the Middle East.

Products and Services

Our products are known for superior sensitivity, reliability and user
friendly systems:
• Design & development of UAV’s for special mission (civil) like
surveillance, photography, leak detection, target detection and so.
• Design & development of hovercrafts (civil).
• Design & development of satellite systems & subsystems
• Small & full featured UAV autopilots.
• Small & full featured flight data recorder.
• Design & development of UAV avionics.

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Managing Director:
Mr.Mohammad Hasan Hejrat
Chairmen of the Board :
Mr.Mahyar Motie